Late last Thursday morning (Oct. 26, 1911) Floyd, the little sixteen months old baby of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Foster, was fearfully burned and died in a few hours afterward. Our information is that Mr. Foster, when at home, always did the milking, but was a little late rising that morning, and fearing that his father, Mr. Wash Foster, for whom he had promised to haul a load of hogs to Rockwall that day, would be waiting on him. He ask Mrs. Foster if she would do the milking for him and that he would hurry on.

J A Forster Family & Baby Floyd

J A Forster Family & Baby Floyd

Before going to the cow lot, which was about two-hundred yards distant, she took the precaution to place little Floyd on the bed and gave him some playthings to keep him interested until her return. But he did not stay there, getting off the bed, it is presumed that he went to the stove and sat down under the apron and was playing with the fire, raking out some coals which fell on his clothing and burned them off him.

The fire did not blaze, but slowly burned the little clout from about his hips. The clothing on the upper part of his body was not consumed. Particles of the burnt clothing were found in each room of the house where he had evidently gone in search of aid. As the mother was nearing the house on her return from the cow lot, she heard the unusual noise, and she ran, pushing the door open found the room so full of smoke that she could scarcely see. She ran into the different rooms of the house, finally finding the child in a squatting position in or near the corner of one of the rooms. She took him in her arms and started for help, screaming as she went, but had taken only a few steps when she was so completely overcome that she fell fainting with the precious bundle in her arms.

Some men picking cotton nearby had heard her screams and hurried to her side, but it was out of the power of man to keep its soul from taking flight. Funeral services were held by Elder Martin of Garland at the Cottonwood Church. The little body was interred in the Cottonwood Cemetery where an unusually large crowd of neighbors and friends attended the funeral.

While little Floyd has suffered an agonizing death, his little soul has been wafted to realms where there will be nothing but joy and happiness for him through eternity. Mr. and Mrs. Forster are among our most highly respected citizens and have the sympathy and esteem of all who know them. While this was an unfortunate occurrence, no blame can attach to either of the parents. They have our sympathy.

The above article was printed a 1911 issue of the Garland News. The Forster homeplace was located on present day Stonewall Road. Much of the family farm is now covered by the waters of Lake Ray Hubbard.

Floyd was the son of James Albert and Eula Ross Forster. He was born at on June 9, 1910 and died on October 26, 1911. It should also be noted that this obituary contains two separate spellings of his last name. Both are correct. The spelling on his head-stone is Floyd Forster.

Photo: L to R: Unknown, James Frank (Frank) Rector, Unknown, James Albert (Al), with Baby Floyd in front shortly before his death, James Matthew (Matt) Wells and Eula Ross Forster.  Article from unknown newspaper.