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Albert K. Kirby along with his wife and children left Piineville, Missouri and headed for Rockwall in 1882. They came in a covered wagon bringing their household goods and cow with them. They had to blaze a trail and ford rivers and streams, the larger ones being Arkansas, Canadian and Red Rivers. At some of these places, the water was too deep or too swift or for some other reason they had to unload a lot of their household goods to lighten the wagon load. Many of the items brought through still remain in the family as heirlooms.

Albert & Viirginia Goodwin Kirby

Albert & Virginia Goodwin Kirby

They camped each night in a tent and they had to let their stock graze because they could not carry enough grain and food for them.
This trip took three months and the last night they camped south of McKinney, Texas. They must have traveled from early morning until late that night or maybe all night to reach Rockwall to the home of Parson John McCurry and his wife, Martha, who was a sister of Virginia Kirby.

The Kirbys bought a 47-acre farm a half mile from the McCurrys. They lived in their tent while building a house. This was about half way between Rockwall ahd Fate. On this three month trip, Virginia Kirby, with five little girls to see was expecting her sixth child. With the many hardships of the long Journey, she lost her baby boy soon after they arrived at their destination.

The family consisted of Mrs. W.H. Dawson (Minnie Kirby), Mrs. L.H. Petrie (Lula Kirby), Mrs. Noah W. Carter (Laura Kirby), Mrs. T.S. Coffee (Dora Kirby), and Mrs. G.H. Reeves (Ewa Kirby). Grandchildren of the Kirbys, many living in the vicinity of Rockwall, are Mrs. James Cade (Kathryn Coffæ), Greenville, Eldon H. Reeves and Oliver H. Reeves, McKinney, Orville C. Reeves, Dallas, and Leon K. Reeves, Amarillo.

Great-grandchildren are Robert W. Carter, Greenville, Dr. Homer Reeves, Dallas, Albert H. Reeves, McKinney, Gary, Larry and Terry Reeves, Dallas, Mrs. Carl Anderson (Margaret Ann Raves), Dallas, Mrs. Kenneth Campbell (Linda Reeves), Princeton, Mrs. David Lee (Brenda Reeves) Princeton, George, Wendall, Royce Wayne and Curtis Reeves, Amarillo, Mrs. Charles Wilson (Laura Sandefur), Durant, Oklahoma, Mrs. Dave Willard (Ginny Carter), Danville, Illinois, Stephen Carter, Longview, Texas, Mrs. Jim Stewart (Katie Carter), Durant, Oklahoma, Mrs. Tom Frost (Betty Carter), Hugo, Oklahoma, Wendall Ray Self, MeredianVille, Alabama, and Leonard Dawson, Las Vegas, Nevada.

After a long, happy, useful and well-fulfilled life, Albert and Virginia Kirby were laid to rest at Mt. Zion, about three miles north of the 47- acre farm where they settled with their family in 1882.
By Kathryn Coffee Cade for Rockwall County Historical Foundation.