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Welcome to Dallas Gateway, an educational forum pertaining to Dallas County, Texas and its rich history. Here you will find countless historic images and articles about our earliest pioneers and early settlers of Dallas County, Texas. Most articles share a companion photo along with informative details and facts that are not widely known such as the origin of our early street names. Some street names have been changed over the years, but many of the old original pioneer era names remain.


Jim Foster

Jim Foster is a 5th generation native of Dallas County.  He is also a U. S. Army veteran, having proudly served during the Vietnam era.  He grew up in a farming community settled by his paternal great-grandparents in 1878. His maternal great, great, great grandfather settled nearby in the Pleasant Valley area in 1856. This community is now located between the towns of Rowlett and Sachse, Texas.

The farming community of Jim’s childhood had no high school. As a result, he attended Wylie High School in Collin County, Texas. His interest in local history materialized during this time and has continued to develop since. He has served as board member and president of the Dallas County Pioneer Association and two historic cemeteries. He has authored five books on Dallas County history.

He was elected County Judge in late 2005 and honored that the late Judge Harold “Barefoot” Sanders administered the oath of office January 1, 2006. He served until January 1, 2010. And, now during his retirement, he spends his days making certain that interesting articles from the earliest days of our heritage find new life in today’s social media.  Please feel free to share these articles with your family and friends.

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