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There are many stories about what was known aS the Garland Cyclone. Today it would be called a tornado. However, either description would be correct.

Stephen Edward Nicholson, 1890-1927
This man was actually the mayor of Garland, TX during the late 1920’s. I do not know to much of his early life, but concerning his death, he was actually killed on May 11, 1927 in Garland as a result of the deadly Garland Texas Tornado that killed 17 people including Mr. Nicholson. In Downtown Garland Today there is a library that was built in his honor simply known as the Nicholson Memorial Library. Mr. Nicholson was buried at Shooks Chapel Cemetery at Sulphur Springs, Texas.

Charles and Belle Smiley Family
Around 3am on 9 May 1927 a terribly violent storm moved from southwest to northeast across Dallas County. People in Dallas were awakened and amazed at the ferocity of the clouds and near-constant lightning display. In Garland, the storm dropped a tornado that killed 13 people and decimated three city blocks.

The seven members of the Smiley family were at home when the tornado roared through Garland. In the aftermath of the storm, parents Charles and Belle Smiley, and 3 of their 5 daughters, Lilath, Greeta, and Charlena, all lay dead. The surviving daughters Dorit and Margaret Ruth Smiley were taken to the hospital in Dallas, where they recovered.

There is a tombstone in Mills Cemetery memorializing five members of the Smiley family, who were all killed in the “Garland Cyclone” of May 9, 1927. Out of the thirteen dead, no family lost more members than the Smiley family

Photo courtesy Hubert Raney. Hubert said that his Grandfather, Markus “Mark” Raney, never got over the experience. Information courtesy Helen Ficzeri, S.E. Nicholson’s great granddaughter and waymarking.com